6 Upcoming DC Animated Movies We Are Excited About

DC’s plethora of animated movies based in a separate animated universe of its own (the DCAU) are consistent in quality, unlike the current DCEU, and undeniably more fun. I am a fan of the DCEU, still, but I have to admit that some of the animated gems in there are absolutely precious. The reasons for this could be multifarious. One, the creators of the comic book storylines in adaption are very directly involved with the development of the final animated product. Two, in the animated arena and given the current technological tools at your disposal, there is a lot more flexibility and a lot less studio interference. Apart from some of them that got a limited theatrical release, most of DC’s animated features got a direct-to-video release, which I think is a great way to satiate the ever hungry fandom sans the large periods of anticipation and the heavy price on the cinema ticket, provided they keep ’em coming.

Having said that, it’s natural that the fans await with bated breath for every next release in DCAU’s gauntlet, especially given the tremendous reputation that the DCAU has been able to establish among fans, with some iconic storylines adapted successfully onto animated media, and the final products, I daresay, turning out better than many of the multi-million superhero projects out there. Every year there are several new DC animated movies that come out. Some are good, some are mediocre. Here is the list of upcoming DC animated movies (new releases) that one should keep an eye on. We hope these latest DC animation movies are as good as some of the recent ones.

6. Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

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Expected Release Date: July 2018

The ‘Teen Titans Go!’ TV show that aired a little less than half a decade ago, wasn’t exactly a home run, and neither do I expect the movie based on the show to be. However, as a little spin-off series that provided comedic relief and added levity to a roster that is otherwise mostly content with its darker tales and arcs, it scored and soared for a short while. Given the current climate DC movies find themselves in, the ‘Teen Titans Go!’ animated movie might just be the surprise hit of the year. The movie features beloved characters from the original Teen Titans, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beastboy, as alternate, funny versions of themselves. What’s more? The hilarious Will Arnett (The Lego Batman Movie) has been roped in the voice cast for the movie, so we may just expect a funny cameo or two. “Because if Aquaman can get a movie, anyone can.” Sure, DC!

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5. Lego DC Comics Superheroes: The Flash

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Expected Release Date: February/March 2018

Now this DOES look like a good bit of fun! DC finally gives us a Flash film, eventhough it’s Lego animated. Lego Flash will be a continuation of the shared Lego-DC universe, that has already given out six films, In this one though, The Flash temporarily loses his powers and is evicted from the Justice League (on account of some hilariously ridiculous doings, courtesy of Reverse Flash). Pretty standard for a Flash Story, but the added Lego dimension, a host of well known voice actors from previous DC animated films, and well, the dearth of good Flash animated movies out there, makes me excited for this one!

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4. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

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Expected Release Date: Spring 2018

Like many other fans, I was sorely disappointed with what the DCEU’s ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016) had to offer, and had to resort to reruns of ‘Suicide Squad: Assault on Arkham’ which was superior in almost every aspect, despite being a much shorter animated feature. When ‘Hell to Pay’ was announced, my first thoughts rushed to conclude that it would be a sequel to ‘Assault on Arkham’, but it actually turned out to be quite the opposite. ‘Hell to Pay’ features Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Bronze Tiger, Copperhead and Captain Boomerang as part of the Task Force-X, pitted out against other villains including Two-Face, Zoom, Blockbuster, Vandal Savage, and others in search of a mysterious, mystical object. Ofcourse there is going to be Amanda Waller pulling some strings, here and there, but the actual twist in the tale is that it’s set in the current DCAU continuity, rather than the Batman: Arkham universe from the videogames featured in ‘Assault on Arkham’, which should be interesting to see.

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3A. Death of Superman

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Expected Release Date: Late 2018

The fall of Superman in his fatal battle against Doomsday is now, a storyline nothing short of iconic, and has been sufficiently adapted for the audience to know its basic premise, namely in the third act of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and in the first ever DCAU film, ‘Superman: Doomsday’ (2007). However, since the source material was broadly condensed and watered down in accordance with the 90 minute and PG-13 restriction on ‘Doomsday’, DC decided it was time to give fans a faithful adaptation of the most iconic Superman storyline yet. ‘Death of Superman’ due for release later this year, will be the first in the two-part adaptation, and will account for the first two arcs in this continuity: Superman’s battle till the death with Doomsday, probably Doomsday’s origins too; and Funeral for a friend, where the world comes together to pay homage to the fallen superhero.

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3B. Reign of the Supermen

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Expected Release Date: Early 2019

The second part of the iconic ‘Death of Superman’ storyline adaptation is titled ‘Reign of the Supermen’ and will see four alternate ‘Supermen’: Steel, Superboy, Cyborg Superman and The Last Son of Krypton, taking his place as protectors of Metropolis in the year following Supes’ death, each claiming to be in some ways, a reincarnated Superman, until ofcourse the original Superman reappears and a battle for identity ensues. It will be interesting to see how much of the source material is retained and translated, now that they have two full-length feature movies to accomplish that. Plus, it’s been really long since a good Superman animated movie came out. High hopes riding on this one!

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2. Batman Ninja

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Expected Release Date: Undisclosed (2018)

Batman and Anime? I don’t really think it gets much better than this! ‘Batman Ninja’ though not part of the DCAU, is a Warner Bros. production in conjunction with the Japanese ‘Kamikaze Douga’, and will feature the Dark Knight in Feudal Japan battling his foes, reimagined in anime style. There’s Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, Catwoman, Red Hood(!), Deathstroke, Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Grodd, and Two-Face! Frankly, the trailer looks quite badass, and I have no inhibitions in saying that the fan in me is screaming. A ninja Joker sword fighting Batman is the stuff of legends, and it’s happening here. DC knows Batman is at present, and for the foreseeable future, their most bankable property. It’s only natural they milk that; but hey, we aren’t complaining either unless there is an overdose.

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1. Batman: Gotham By Gaslight

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Expected Release Date: Late January/Early February 2018

Out of all the releases on this list, I am probably the most excited about this one. ‘Gotham by Gaslight’ is the thirtieth film in the DCAU, and alongside two other Batman films, it’s R-Rated, which implies that one can expect a certain degree of intensity and darkness (in the most literal sense too) from this one. It’s the first story in DC’s ‘Elseworlds’ cannon, which is a whole other continuity from the regular line-up of films in the DCAU. ‘Gotham by Gaslight’, likewise, imagines Batman in an alternate Victorian setting, and pits him against the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, while Gotham, re-imagined in the Victorian era here, deals with the mysterious appearances of a bat vigilante. If a fortnight’s wait seems too much for the fan in you, I suggest you go ahead with reading the graphic novel. You’ll be blown away by the tiny details, I assure you.

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