8 Upcoming Netflix Original Movies and TV Shows

Netflix is now a major name in the entertainment business. What started out as a streaming channel now has a host of their own content, and the television shows are top notch. Netflix is stepping up their game and branching out into movies as well and the next few projects that are slated to be released have us all excited. So here is a list of upcoming movies and TV shows on Netflix.

1. The Irishman

For years fans of gangster movies have cribbed how Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have never acted together in a Scorsese movie. Well, that is about to change. Netflix has landed the deal for Scorsese’s upcoming project The Irishman. Slated to be released by Netflix in 2019 this movie promises a star-studded performance by De Niro, Pacino and Joe Pesci. Without doubt this is perhaps the biggest project undertaken by Netflix and we are all extremely excited and eagerly anticipating the film which promises to be one to remember.


2. Wormwood

Errol Morris has always been reputed for his studies of the psyche of eccentric characters. However, Wormwood, the six part miniseries promises to push it to new frontiers. Starring Peter Sarsgaard, Wormwood explores the LSD experiments conducted by the CIA and follows the narrative of a family man who begins to lose his mind and ultimately dies. This docu-fiction promises to be an intense psychological trip and we cannot wait for the slated December release to lap this show up.


3. Narcos Season 4

Narcos follows the stories of real life drug lords, they started with Pablo Escobar, the biggest name in the cocaine business and then went on to deal with the Cali cartel. The first three seasons were based in Colombia. The end of the third season saw Narcos shift its attention to Mexico and we can only hope that the fourth season will follow El Chapo Guzman. However, after the recent death of the Narcos location scout in Mexico, the show has hit a rough patch. However, we can only hope Narcos will be back for the scheduled fourth season and we can follow the dangerous but interesting lives of these drug lords. It’s like the show itself says – the blow must go on!


4. Daredevil

Matthew Murdoch is the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. A blind lawyer who mostly defends victims of the legal system by day. By night he is a vigilante who brings dangerous criminals to justice. Daredevil enjoyed immensely positive responses in both the first and second seasons as much for the storytelling as for the fantastic acting from all cast members. Scheduled for a third season that teases to follow Daredevil Born Again arc we cannot wait for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to come back on Netflix.

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5. Luke Cage

The second season is scheduled to release in 2018 and we will see the hero of Harlem return. Luke Cage is always a pleasure to watch because of the racial narratives that the show expertly weaves in. Season two might just step up the game and we might see a glimpse of the daughters of the dragon – a team by Misty Knight and Colleen Wang (of Iron Fist). With Knight’s bionic arm already having been shown in the show, we can only hope that season 2 will be much more of a test for the man with the unbreakable skin.


6. 13 Reasons Why

This was perhaps one of the boldest shows made by Netflix. It was caught in a controversial storm with some people lauding the realistic boldness and some castigating the show for the extreme boldness which culminated in showing an actual suicide on-screen. However, all things aside this was one of the most smartly made shows that dealt with a lot of viable and insidious issues that exist in today’s world including male gaze, objectification of a woman’s body, harassment, sexual assault and rape. The second season promises to bring back much of the same cast including the character who it was all about – Hannah Baker. Hannah will be there in flashbacks and perhaps we will get to know more of her story but the second season promises to focus more on the recovery of the survivors who will try to get over the trauma of Hannah’s death. We hope the show will be just as hard-hitting as it was in its first season.


7. Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones season 1 was a brilliant success. A detective show more than a superhero show, it had underlying noir like vibes and engaged very strongly with feminist issues and survivor trauma. Scheduled to release in 2018, season 2 will see our favorite foul-mouthed alcoholic of Alias Investigations – Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones return on screen. We hope to see just as much of a riveting and exciting show in the second season as well and cannot wait to understand more of Jessica’s psyche.


8. Sacred Games

Yes, a Netflix show that has been shot in India and stars Indian actor Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. If that is not enough to get you excited, here’s more – the tale is a fascinating exploration of crime in Mumbai and its links to politics and economy of the nation. Set in Mumbai and based on Vikram Chandra’s award winning novel, this show promises to bare for us the seedy underbelly of Mumbai.

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