Valeria Filming Locations

May 8, 2020
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The whole advent of streaming video is now completely changing and with the availability of content from all over the world, exploring new cultures through TV shows is becoming more of a norm. Among all the streaming services out there, Netflix has been drastically transforming the whole in-home viewing experience for its viewers by releasing content that defies both language and cultural borders. And if you have been keeping yourself updated with Netflix’s vast collection of foreign shows, you might have already heard of ‘Valeria.’

‘Valeria’ revolves around a titular character who is a writer in dilemma. She dreams of writing a novel but is often held back because of procrastination. Moreover, even her relationship with her husband begins to go downslope. But even during these hard times, it’s her three best friends—Carmen, Lola, and Nerea—who help her get through all the hardships of life.  Together, the three of them carry each other’s weight on their shoulders and vow to be there for one another through thick and thin. If you’ve already watched the show and you’re wondering where its filming took place, here’s everything you need to know.

Valeria Filming Locations

The filming of Netflix’s series ‘Valeria,’ which is an adaptation of book saga created by Elísabet Benavent, was first announced back in February 2019. Later in July 2019, it was revealed that Diana Gómez will be its main protagonist, while the role of her three best friends will be played by Silma López (Lola), Paula Malia (Carmen) and Teresa Riott (Nerea). It was also announced that Ibrahim Al Shami plays Adrián, Valeria’s husband, and the role of a character named Victor will be taken up by Benjamin Alfonso. In October 2019, after several months of filming had already taken place, Benjamin Alfonso was replaced by Maxi Iglesias. Like most Spanish series out there, the filming of ‘Valeria’ primarily took place in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid, Spain

According to the official website of the Spain Film Commission, close to 44 TV series were shot in Madrid in the year 2019. With the growing popularity of shows like ‘La Casa de Papel‘ and ‘Élite,‘ streaming giants like Netflix have now been targetting several European productions to further expand the horizons of their audio and visual content. The website also reveals that ‘Valeria’ was among all the other shows and movies that were filmed in Madrid in the year 2019. Apart from that, nothing much about the filming locations of ‘Valeria’ has been revealed by the creators of the show. However, several cast members have posted pictures from the show’s sets and have even geotagged them as Madrid, Spain. Check them out below:

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Mañana, 8 de Mayo #Valeria empieza a caminar por todo el mundo con sus propios zapatos en @netflixes y por ahí aparecerá #juan acompañando a estas fieras absolutas. Gracias a @betacoqueta por una historia tan honesta e interesante, al equipazo de @plano_a_plano y a @leirayserranocasting por la confianza, por supuesto a @inma_torrente y @nelyreguera por la generosidad absoluta y a [email protected] [email protected] compañ[email protected] por hacer que unas madrugadas de rodaje parezcan una viaje de [email protected] en verano. @didigmz @silmalopez @paulamalia @teresariott @ibrahimalshamij @maxi_iglesias @maximo_pastor @espesitaa @juanluchadorr @mero.gonzalez y [email protected] [email protected] que faltan… amor absoluto!❤️ mañana no os separéis de la pantalla! #valeria #valerianetflix

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Here are a few other stills from the show posted by the creator, María López Castaño:

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💋#DansLesPasdeValeria sur @netflixfr, J-2👠 Reposted from @valeria_la_saga Merci à @paulamalia, #carmen dans la série pour cette sublime photo et à @teresariott pour l'information qui suit ! Rendez-vous à 18h aujourd'hui sur la chaîne #youtube de @netflixes pour découvrir les premières scènes de l'épisode 1 de la série Valeria ! C'est également l'occasion de faire connaissance en direct avec vos futures actrices préférées ❤️ – #DianaGomez aka #valeria – #TeresaRiott aka #nerea – #SilmaLopez aka #lola – #PaulaMalia aka #carmen Merci à elles pour leur soutien dans ce lancement, nous avons si hâte d'être à vendredi 🤩 Et vous… Pressé.e.s ? #valeria #elisabetbenavent #valeriasurNetflix #valerialasaga #sagaValeria #valerialeroman #valeriaNetflix #danslemiroirdevaleria #leshautsetlesbasdevaleria #passionnementvaleria #editionsarchipel #netflix

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