Very Cavallari Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Kristin Cavallari, the famous reality television star has now become the subject of the docu-series titled ‘Very Cavallari’ which premiered on E! back in 2018. Since then, the show has become quite popular and now a second season of the same is coming out with Cavallari and her husband Jay Cutler the former football player. The first season of the show focused on how Cavallari managed to launch Uncommon James, her own jewelry line, and in the meanwhile also maintain a balance between her professional and personal lives. The second season will now be taking us on a road to how Kristin makes her business into a booming one as her store became really successful and the number of her employees went from five to 50 in almost a night. Kristen and Jay are now the proud parents of three children and while Kristin juggles through her different roles inside and outside the domestic space, Jay mostly stays at home. The immense growth of her company has forced Kristin to take up more responsibilities, which, in the second season, might affect her personal relationships as well.

Cavallari has been a major reality TV star since 2004, when she became famous for starring in the show ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’. Since then, she has come a long way and is now the owner of a rapidly growing jewelry chain. What we can expect as the second season progresses is her managing the business, keeping her relationship with her husband happy, and trying to be a good mother as well.

Very Cavallari Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

The show details the lives of Kristin Cavallari and her husband, but we can also see all the people involved in their lives. After Kristin opened up her chain, many of her employees have also become important parts of the show. Kristin’s firing of her employee Shannon Ford on the show became a major highlight. It later made Kristin realize that to run such a big business with her never having first-hand experience of doing the same, she would need people who are veterans of the industry. This made Kristin decide to start hiring people with at least eight years of experience in the industry. This leads us to believe that a major chunk of the season will be featuring the employees who will be working closely with Kristin, and the dynamics between them will become an important part of the season. Jay Cutler, Kristin’s husband, will surely be one of the most important people in the series once again. Reports are that tensions have been brewing between the couple as of late, but what we can see of the quarrel remains to be seen. Jay was a hugely successful football star, but now does nothing except being at the house, making friends with a llama, and giving relationship advise to Kristin’s friends.


Very Cavallari Season 2 Plot: What is the about?

Very Cavallari Season 2 will build upon what we have already seen in Season 1. Kristin Cavallari and her life with her work, husband, friends, and kids is mainly what the show concentrates on. It has already been revealed that her relationship with Jay has hit a bump, and what impact it has on the show remains to be seen. Jay and Kristin have been married for six years now, and it is only natural that just like all married couples, they too will be going through some rough patches. The duo has very different in their approach to life. While Kristin is someone extremely motivated and wants to expand her career and business, Cutler is lazy, laid-back and says that what he enjoys the most is doing nothing. Him being an amazing athlete earlier, it is surprising for fans to find him so relaxed and prone to doing almost nothing.

Now that Kristin’s family is based out of a farm, we might see an excess of farm life in the new season as we will see her handling her business, recruiting new people for important positions, and even firing some. Cavallari had earlier said in an interview that she does not enjoy lay people off at all, “I just fired my first person not that long ago and I honestly felt like I was going to throw up. I hate doing it. I haven’t had to do it that much — let’s just clear that up. But I have had to do a couple and it’s awful. It’s extremely difficult and I really want no part of it.” Be ready to see some drama as she tries to pick up the right people for the job.

Very Cavallari Season 2 Release Date: When does it premiere?

The second season of the show following the life of the famous reality TV star premiered on E! on March 3, and is one of the most-watched reality programs on television right now.

Very Cavallari Season 2 Trailer:

Check out a sneak-peek which E! has revealed on YouTube:

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