13 Best Trippy Movies on Hulu You Can Watch When High

January 5, 2019
12 min read

Stoner movies are special kind of movies that you watch when high — mostly on weed. The idea of stoner movies is to showcase a different, trippy world that to a normal audience may not seem apparent. While stoner movies have existed since 1930s, there has been a recent trend where wild comedies are the “to-go” films when high on weed. Then there are sex-comedies and teenage tragedies or the ones which focus only on weed and opiates and nothing else. One thing, however, is common across all stoner movies – they don’t follow any storyline or technicalities (typically) and also have a bizarre setting which is hard to decipher (stoned or not, either way) and one has to look at them whilst being in their shoes to realize their true importance.

So, if you are high and are looking for the right kind of cinema, some of our recommendations. Since you can’t go to a movie theater, the best news is that you don’t have to even go to a movie theater to see these films. You just need to be subscribed to Hulu. Without further ado, here’s the list of really good stoner movies on Hulu that you can watch right now.

13. Half Baked (1998)

Let’s kick-start the list with ‘Half Baked’, a funny movie starring Dave Chappelle with lots of cameos. The movie is about four childhood friends Thurgood played by Chappelle, Brian played by Jim Breuer, Kenny played by Harland Williams and Scarface played by Guillermo Diaz. They are quite close and during their young years had discovered the pleasures of marijuana. One day the group asks Kenny to bring some food. Kenny leaves and upon returning finds a horse on the street which he then begins feeding treats. The horse was apparently diabetic and dies after eating those treats. kenny is arrested and his bail is set to 1 million dollars. The group needs to get their friend back and comes with a plan to sell marijuana to get the money. Thurgood knows a scientist who gives him some good stock. Soon, their stock becomes a hit and many notable celebs are their clients. But Thurgood falls in love with a girl who doesn’t like his stoner habits. But it is hard to let go of the addiction.

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12. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

I like Kevin Smith. He is a comedy genius and makes some really funny stuff. Jay and Silent Bob are one of his famous creations. The movie is great and features many other characters that Kevin has created over the years. The movie can be considered an adventure or rather an on-road comedy. In the movie, we see Randall Graves who is a character from ‘Clerks’ file a restraining order against Jay and Silent Bob barring them from selling drugs in front of his store. The duo is sad and feels empty now. They have nothing else to do. But, they are informed that a movie is being made and has the main characters who bear their likeness. Fueled by this, the duo set out to on a trip to Hollywood to get some cash from the creators but when they are denied, they set out to sabotage the filming of the movie.

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11. Ted 2 (2015)

If you watched and liked ‘Ted’ then you will enjoy you will enjoy ‘Ted 2’ too. it is a funny stoner movie which deals with the life of Ted and John after the events of the first movie. John played by Mark Wahlberg is a divorcee for months now. Ted voice by Seth Macfarlane is facing such a crisis too as his marriage with Tami-Lynn isn’t going so great. Not knowing what to do he decides that they should have a kid as children are often useful in bringing couples together. Ted decides to ask John for help. But everything isn’t going to be smooth like butter and it shouldn’t be since there won’t be any comedy. Anyways, their plan fails quite miserably as Ted is declared a property by the government hence losing all rights to be a parent. A legal battle ensues with Ted trying to fight a seemingly hopeless court case being defended by a young inexperienced lawyer.

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10. This is the End (2013)

Seth Rogen is one of the best comic creators out there and him being in a comedy movie means that it will be full of fun, puns, and weed. This movie is no different. It has some of the best actors in it. The funniest part for me was that the actors portray themselves. Seth is in the movie as Seth Rogen, James Franco is the movie as himself and so is Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, and many other celebrities. The plot is simple. Jay Baruchel arrives in LA in the hopes of having fun partying wildly with Seth Rogen and a bunch of other actors at the housewarming party of James Franco. But as is usual with comedies, nothing goes as planned. Turns out the prophecized biblical apocalypse has started and the end of the world is near. The group tries to find a way to survive but end up realizing that they are dumb to think of a way out. But there is one way out though.

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9. Inherent Vice (2014)

‘Inherent Vice’ is a nice film depending on whom you ask. This isn’t a full-fledged mindless comedy as we are used to seeing in any stoner movies. The movie has a complex plot with lots of characters and plot points to follow. It sometimes seems like if you blink an eye you might miss something. The movie has Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role and his performance is quite good as the pothead private eye known as Doc. The movie is set in the 1970s. Doc’s ex-girlfriend Shasta Fay enlists his help. She has doubts that her current boyfriend’s wife and her lover have abducted him. Doc gets on the case but the mystery seems to thicken as he gets deeper into it. Suddenly, Shasta disappears and it seems she might have been murdered. As Doc continues with his investigation he soon finds himself getting involved in cult, politics, prostitution and other shady stuff most of it surrounding a mysterious group named Golden Fang.

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8. Knocked Up (2007)

Well, Seth Rogen is here again. I have a feeling we are gonna see him on this list many more times. Knocked up is a funny romantic comedy starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl. Alison Scott played by Katherine has received a promotion in her company. To celebrate this she along with her sister Debbie goes to celebrate at a nightclub. There she meets Ben played by Seth. Ben Stone obviously is a pothead (I mean come on, he is being played by Seth). Debbie then receives a call from her husband telling her that their child has chicken pox. Debbie leaves but Allison stays with Ben. After some heavy drinking, the two end up in bed. Turns out Ben did not use a condom and later Allison finds out that she is pregnant. They decide to raise the baby but there’s a problem Ben needs to raise himself first to become a suitable parent.

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7. Friday (1995)

‘Friday’ is a nice comedy movie starring Ice Cube, DJ Pooh and Chris Tucker. The movie is really funny and has the tagline ‘A lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday’. The movie takes place on a Friday as you can guess and yes a lot goes down on that day. Most of which are damn funny. Ice Cube plays the role of Craig Jones, who has just been fired from his job the day before. He is lounging in his house with his pothead friend Smokey played by Chris Tucker. Smokey is a bad drug dealer. By bad I mean that he is not a good dealer. he ends up smoking his products rather than sell them. His supplier Big Worm has given Smokey an ultimatum. Either Smokey returns him his money or his products or he kills Smokey. We also get introduced to a lot of other characters who make things more complicated and funny.

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6. Up In Smoke (1978)

The movie is a classic comedy. The main characters in the movie are Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. One day Cheech and Chong have a chance encounter with each other on a highway in California. They decide to go look for some dope to get high. But luck isn’t on their side as they are caught and deported to Mexico. The duo is desperate to escape and return to the US as they have gigs to perform. They agree to drive a van back to the US. They start their journey and have no idea about what is in the van or what has been used it. During their trip, they give a ride to a couple of female Hitchhikers. The duo tries to lay low and avoid the police but is unaware that the police are actually tailing them.

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5. Super Troopers (2001)

This is another great comedy movie with a mystery feel to it. Foster, Farva, Rabbit, Mac, and Thomas are close friends and are the Vermont State Troopers. They love to have a good time and just have fun. They are stationed in a place near the Canadian Border. The place is kinda remote location. Our state troopers are not much good at their job. They love pranks and taking syrup. But the budget cuts to the town, Spurbury, might force these eccentric bunch of people to straighten their act up as they might lose their means of livelihood. This situation has also put them against their rival gang Spurbury P.D. But then a dead body is discovered. The troopers jump on the opportunity trying to solve the case before Suprbury P.D. so that they can prove themselves and keep their jobs.

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4. Dazed and Confused (1993)

‘Dazed and Confused (1993)’ is a nice stoner movie that has the high school setting. It’s 1976 and summer break is about to start in a small town in Texas. Seniors are quite excited since it’s the last day of the school before the break. Many students have skipped their classes and have gone to smoke weed and enjoy. But it’s a bad time for the freshmen of the school as they will be the victim of ragging by the seniors. Boys get physically humiliated while the girls receive various forms of verbal humiliation. Upon various freshmen this year is Mitch Kramer who suddenly finds himself to be one of the main targets of the seniors. Randall Floyd is a football quarterback who is the only player to not have signed the pledge vowing not to do drugs during the summer break. As the day turns into night and a Keg party begins at Kevin Pickford’s house the day does not end as intended.

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3. The Big Lebowski (1998)

This movie is really funny and Jeff Bridges performance as ‘The Dude’ is just awesome. The movie has two characters by the name of Jeff Lebowski. Well, you can already guess that there will be some serious case of mistaken identity. One of the Jeff’s is a millionaire and another is a pothead, easy-going guy. Trouble starts brewing when the rich Jeff’s wife owes some money to a pornographer. The pornographer hires thugs to go get the money. But obviously, the thugs have the wrong Jeff. They urinate on his rug as a sort of message. Jeff is confused and goes to his rich counterpart demanding compensation for his rug. He then gets involved in a job with a big payout. The Dude then enlists the help of his bowling buddies, Walter and Donnie, to complete the job.

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2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

This is a classic stoner movie starring a young Sean Penn. The movie is a great one to watch with your buddies. The movie follows a bunch of high school teenagers who have interests and dreams that they want to be fulfilled. Jeff Spicoli played by Sean is the main character in the movie. He seems to be stoned all the time. Sean has performed really well to make the character of Jeff seem real and relatable. Jeff wants to become a surfer and live in Hawaii. He is being given a hard time by his teacher Mr. Hard (I am not making this up) who thinks that his students are using drugs. Other characters include Stacy Hamilton and Mark Ratner who are looking for love and are being helped by their experienced classmates.

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1. The Night Before (2015)

Well, I did say that we are going to see Seth Rogen on this list a couple of times and voila! Here he is. The movie contains other great actors too. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie are in too. Ethan played by Joseph has been friends with Isaac played by Seth and Chris played by Anthony since childhood. They have been celebrating the Christmas together every year since the time Ethan lost his parents. For some time now their partying has been filled with drugs and booze. But they decide to move on now and gather together for the last time. But soon they get high on drugs as they go to attend the Nutcracker Ball which is considered to be the best Christmas Party. As expected, madness ensues.

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