10 Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now

Updated February 28, 2019
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Netflix is quite simply the most popular streaming services of our times. Many of the best series and movies are available on it. Netflix has now even ventured into producing anime acknowledging its immense popularity. With that said today we are going to look at the best anime for adults that are available on the streaming service. Please keep in mind that we have restricted ourselves to just anime that are r-rated and mature. These are not Hentai. Let’s also be clear that just because these movies on this list have sexual content and sometimes graphic nudity doesn’t necessarily mean they are not good. Here again, the list of really good adult anime series on Netflix.

10. Baki (2018)

Look, I have seen the earlier ‘Baki’ arcs and they were entertaining. It is a typical shounen manga about a teenager by the name of Baki Hanma who wants to be the best fighter in the entire world But to get that title he needs to work extra hard since the one who currently holds the title is his own dad Yujiro Hanma. Though I am not such a fan of the latest arc of the franchise it is the only one on Netflix. After watching it I think it is entertaining enough to be on this list but if you are a fan of ‘Baki: The Grappler’ and other stuff from over two decades ago then you will feel that this is a downgrade. The animation is better than the previous arcs though. There are a total of 26 episodes in this Original Net Animation (yup, it does not follow the manga), with each episode being 24 minutes in length. In this series too wee see Baki training tirelessly to become a better version of himself to become the strongest fighter in the world. But his fame brings in some unwanted visitors who want to test his skills. These are five of the most dangerous criminals in the world who find their life boring because no one can defeat them. So, they come to fight Baki. So, get ready for an action-filled anime where Baki and his friends fight against the most dangerous criminals on Earth.

9. Ajin (2016)

The one thing that will keep on pecking your mind while watching ‘Ajin’ is ‘Tokyo Ghoul’. Giving the creators the benefit of doubt (although one shouldn’t) let’s just say that they did not intend the show to be like the hit series but there are way too many similarities to ignore this fact. One of the main reasons to watch the show is because of the protagonist Kei Nagai. He is not your everyday shounen protagonist who is flawed but has a heart of gold. But rather he is the ‘D’ word for male genitalia (yup, censorship). Why should that make it interesting? Well, because it breaks the stereotype and gives you a different feel than most anime in this genre. Our protagonist does things only if they somehow benefit him. The story takes place in a world where immortal humans are present. the first appearance of such beings was in Africa. They are labeled Ajin and are considered dangerous since they could use their powers for evil purposes. They are to be arrested and taken under custody on sight. Kei Nagai is a student studying to be a doctor. But he has no idea about Ajin. So, when he survives a fatal accident he could not connect the dots. But later when he finds out that he too is an Ajin he goes on the run. It seems that the entire world is out there to get him. But it seems that many Ajins are much closer to him than he initially thought.

8. Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

Haruhi Fujioka is a girl with short hair and thin built and is generally mistaken for a boy based on her appearance. One fine day, when she’s looking for a quiet place in her elite private school – the Ouran Academy and stumbles upon the Host Club, the notorious clubs that employ women to entertain men over drinks and music. While realising her mistake and trying to escape, she breaks a vase which is worth millions of yen and is asked to repay, by serving as an errand boy at the club – for no one realizes she is a girl and not a boy. Soon, when people start realizing her true gender and identity, she’s asked to repay by bringing new customers to the club, before she’s made a host herself. Surprisingly, ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ has its own comic moments and regarded as one of those rare manga belonging to the comedy genre.

7. B: The Beginning (2018)

If you want to see a crime mystery thriller then ‘B: The Beginning’ is going to be an entertaining watch. Just don’t start comparing it with ‘Death note’ or ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ or especially ‘Psycho-Pass’.  The story is really fun and will, for the most part, keep you tuned in. Also, it is not too long and has a total of 12 episodes and each being 23 minutes in length. The art and animation are quite good and I enjoyed the character designs. If you love detective-styled anime then you will find it engrossing since one of the main characters is a genius detective. The story takes place in Cremona which is an archipelagic nation. It is set at a time when technology has become quite advanced. But crime and chaos have been increasing in Cremona especially the threat of a serial killer by the name of Killer B. Koku is one of the main characters in this anime. He works at a violin shop and though he is not able to play the instrument he can make one or fix a defective piece. But he holds a dark secret. The other main character is Keith who is a genius detective whose nickname is genie which in German means genius. He is quite good at his work and gets on the trail of the serial killer. As the story progresses the path of all these three individuals meet.

6. Kakegurui (2017)

If you have been wanting to watch an anime about gambling then ‘Kakegurui’ might be the thing you need to watch. It is currently on Netflix and has a total of 12 episodes in its entirety and each episode is about 24 minutes in length. Though the story is good enough the place where the anime truly excels is for the visuals. The animation is quite stunning and the character designs and their expressions during gambling are pretty decent. But yeah if the creators gave the audience much more chance to be involved in the game rather than making the protagonist blatantly expose everything after the game is over then it could have been more interesting. Also, including a bit of tension would have been great. Nonetheless, the anime is entertaining enough to make you watch it till the end. If you have already seen the first season then the second season is out too and is currently airing so you might wanna check that out. The story takes place in Hyakkaou Private Academy which is a place for rich kids. The school is quite different from other schools. It is a normal everyday school during the day but at night it is a full-blown gambling den where rich kids gamble and learn about the power of money and how to manipulate people. Yumeko Jabami is the protagonist of this anime. She is a transfer student who des gambling not for money but rather because she enjoys the thrill and man is she good at it. But her winning games is disrupting the hierarchy at the academy and some people will stop at nothing to take her down.

5. Kuroshitsuji (2008)

‘Kuroshitsuji’ is a supernatural, action anime. It includes demons and stuff so if you are into it then you will surely enjoy this anime. Also, if one is a lover of mystery drama then this is an entertaining series for them too. But if you are not much of a fan of either then you are better off looking somewhere else on this list. The anime like most of the others on this list has violence and profanity in it. There are a total of 24 episodes in this anime series with each episode being around 24 minutes in length. If you are a fan of the manga and have been wanting to watch the show then let me tell you that the series does not exactly follow the manga. Only the first half sort of does but the rest is exclusive stuff just for the anime. The story is set in a Victorian-styled era complete with the landscape, attire, and cities. Ciel Phantomhive is a young boy who is 12 years old. He is the current head of the Phantomhive household and his family business. A few years ago certain people wronged him, humiliated him, and killed his parents. To exact his revenge on them he sells his soul to a demon who starts working as his butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian not only does certain bidding’s for Ceil but is also his bodyguard. Ceil works as a detective for the Queen and each episode sees him solving a certain mystery.

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4. Kill la Kill (2013)

‘Kill la Kill’ is one of the most popular action, comedy anime. It is really fun and entertaining to watch Also, if you love watching hot female characters wear skimpy outfit then you will find this anime really interesting too. This anime is sort of a parody of similar types of anime. Here, more the power level of the female characters increase skimpier their clothing become. It is to the extent that there is almost next to nothing on them. There are a total of 24 episodes in this anime and each of them is around 24 minutes in length. Ryuuko Matoi, the protagonist of the anime is out to avenge the murder of her father. But her only clue is one-half of a scissor-like weapon which is an invention of her father. Her search leads her to Honnouji Academy. It is an academy which is under the command of the student council headed by Satsuki Kiryuuin. She has four underlings, the Elite Four, working beneath her and to whom she bestows the God Cloth which gives them superhuman abilities. Ryuuko clashes with them and loses. She retreats to her now destroyed home and stumbles upon a god cloth herself known as Senketsu. Senketsu activates after coming in contact with Ryuuko’s blood and latches onto her. Now, armed with better abilities she comes back to face the Elite Four and Satsuki hoping to find the answers she is looking for.

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3. Devilman: Crybaby (2018)

‘Devilman: Crybaby’ is a Netflix original anime. Though there is an old version of this same franchise the new one is much better. It has better animation and character design. This anime is filled with violence, gore, and sex to the brim. You can easily binge this anime. There are a total of 10 episodes in it with each episode being 25 minutes in length. Devilman is a person who has a strong will and is able to control which possessed them. Thus, making the devil’s power their own. Akira Fudou is really kind and is always willing to help anyone in need. So, he doesn’t hesitate when his friend asks him to accompany him to a party where he plans to get evidence about devils. But soon things take the wrong turn as devils start possessing humans and start butchering people. To save his friend Akira lets devil Amon possess him and then uses his power to defeat the other devils. Now, Akira is a devilman and along with his friend, he is going to neutralize the supernatural threats to humanity.

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2. Death Note (2006)

When it comes to psychological thriller with crime mystery drama then ‘Death Note’ is probably one of the best anime in that genre. If you have not seen it yet then be sure to check it out since you are missing on a lot. The entire series has a total of 37 episodes in it and each episode is around 23 minutes in length. ‘Death Note’ follows the story of Light Yagami a bright student who stumbles upon a notebook of the Shinigami. The power of the notebook is such that if one writes the name of any person then that person will die. Though at first, he does not believe it after he puts it to test he learns that it is, in fact, a Death Note. At first, he starts killing criminals all over the world but when the world becomes suspicious and the law enforcement chase after him he starts killing everyone in his path. Trying to stop him is the best detective in the world known as L. It is really entertaining and hair-raising to see two intelligent people trying to outsmart each other in this cat and mouse chase.

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1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ is one of the best anime I have seen to this date. It is one of those anime which makes me remember why I love anime so much. This series is really good and even if you don’t prefer this genre of anime you should watch it. It is the best anime on Netflix right now along with ‘Steins; Gate’. ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ is a story about two brothers Edward and Alphonse. They are alchemists and are in the search of philosopher’s stone. The stone will allow them to bypass the law of equivalent exchange and get their bodies back. When they were young the brother’s tried the forbidden alchemy of human transmutation to bring back their dead mother. But things ended up horribly wrong. Alphonse lost his body and Edward lost his right arm and left leg. The intensity of drama and the engrossing storyline is one of the best features of this anime along with some of the best characters.

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