Where Are Sugar Rush Season 3 Runner-Ups Now?

July 31, 2020
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In a baking competition where time is the most important ingredient, four different teams showcase their kitchen skills in each episode of ‘Sugar Rush’ so as to impress the panel of judges and hopefully walk out the doors with a $10,000 cash prize. Pastry chefs Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo – along with a guest judge – are the ones who critique the bakers’ culinary creations in each round and determine who ends up taking the prize home. Although money is the goal, the exposure and experience of being on the show is also effective, which has been proved by the runner-ups time and time again. So, here’s what the season 3 runner-ups are doing now.

Nicole and Bubba

The married couple from Connecticut and owners of “Hardcore Sweet” won our hearts as soon as we saw them on our screens. The way they communicated and worked together made it clear early on that they would go far, but unfortunately, they couldn’t cross the finish line. Currently, they are still working together on their business and their family to ensure that they both thrive. Their exemplary cooking skills and their Food Truck touch has also been featured on Food Network and on the Cooking Channel, so exposure is definitely something that they use to expand their business.

Alex and Jen

Alex and Jen did a really great job when it came to being creative on ‘Sugar Rush,’ and even though they didn’t win, it was evident that they enjoyed being away from their respective families to just enjoy messing around in the kitchen. The siblings were joking around in the end with Jen saying that her brother needs to offer her a job, but we’ll be honest, since we couldn’t find either of their social media accounts, we do not know exactly where they are now. Nevertheless, we think that its safe to assume that Jen might still be a stay-at-home mom while Alex is working hard in his business.

Tony and Vincent

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LIVE CHEF STREAM Tuesday 5.19 @ 4pm pst with Pastry Chef/ Owner Tony Miller @anthonymiller7139 of Amour Patisserie, who will be making a laminated brioche. We’ll discuss different types of laminated doughs and techniques. Plus some peach marmalade as a tasty filling. Tony and I have known each other a few years, although our story goes way back to NYC. But that’s for another time. It’s been great to see the work this international chef has done. PS He doesn’t have time for social media 😉, pic taken when he came over as a guest chef for the day last year. Laminated brioche 1020g (36oz) bread flour 80g (2.82oz) sugar  20g (0.70oz) salt 32g (1.12oz) yeast (dry active) 300g (10.6oz) milk 6 each eggs 100g (3.5oz) butter- room temp 600g (21.16) butter block Peach jam 30g (1.05oz) lemon juice  50g (1.75oz) peach puree 100g (3.5oz) small diced peaches 2g (0.7oz) pectin  60g (2.11oz) sugar

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When we first met Tony and Vincent, colleges, we assumed that being proper businessmen, they might not go too far, but we were glad when their passion and hard work proved us wrong. Currently, Anthony Miller still owns and operates Amour Patisserie – a wholesale bakery that offers a wide variety of pastries and other baked goods in the Bay area. And, Vincent, he too still works at his own bakery, “The French Spot,” as a Pastry Chef in San Francisco. Along with a lot of baked goods, Vincent also offers team-building classes.

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Let’s make granola live ! Vegan or not, whether loose, clusters or in bar form. Super easy to make with endless varieties! A bit of history and some facts behind this homemade cereal! Butter OR Coconut 100g/3.5oz brown sugar OR agave 60g/ 2.11oz Honey OR Maple 160g/ 5.64oz Oats 240g/ 8.46oz Salt 3g/ 3/4tsp Puffed rice 50g / 1.76oz Nuts 50g/ 1.76oz Optional Chocolate chip 100g / 3.52oz Cocoa powder 8g / 0.28oz One correction, muesli is when you have all the ingredients minus the sweetener and then you soak them, similar to overnight soaked oats. #linkedinlife #instalive #granola #vegan #veganrecipes #veganfood #veganfoodshare #recipes #easyrecipes #recipeoftheday #oats #homemadegranola #foodie #food #healthyfood #pastry

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Keon and Zerrick

The friends and bakers from Atlanta, Georgia, had fun in the kitchen and they made sure that we had fun watching them as well. After meeting at a baking competition where they were both judges, they instantly connected and realized that together, they could achieve something great, and, they did- becoming the runner-ups for ‘Sugar Rush’ episode 4. Currently, Zerrick Williams owns and operates his own company by the name of “Snackiecakez,” which he established over three years ago. And, Keon, he’s working in the industry as well, running his own shop called “Cakes by Keon.”

Sally and Bekah

Lovettsville natives Rebekah and Sally Ontiveros came on ‘Sugar Rush’ to have some fun and grasp an opportunity, but they ended up performing really well. After all, as sisters, they always did know how to depend on each other. They represented their shop, “The Hive Bakeshop,” on the series and after it was all over, they went back with an experience that they can never forget. Their specialty is their custom cakes, French macarons, baked fresh breads, and unique flavor combinations, and now that they have the show to boast about, they have created a merch line as well.

Joyce and Iliana

Joyce and Iliana are friends, yes, but while the former resides in Lakewood, California, the latter hails from Houston, Texas. After unfortunately, not winning their ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner’ episode on ‘Sugar Rush,’ the pair went back to their respective hometowns to continue working in their own companies. Joyce, as the owner of “Toxic Sweets Shop,” has already had a lot of success; appearing on Food Network and even winning ‘Cake Wars.’ Iliana, on the other hand, is the owner of “Sophisticakes.” Her Texas Food Handler Certified business means that she has no worries, especially during this pandemic, and so, she continues to work there and give it her all.

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