Where Is Steve Volk Now?

October 18, 2020
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‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: Washington Insider Murder’ chronicles the brutal slaying of Jack Wheeler – a former presidential aide, a business and law graduate, and an army veteran. With the help of re-enactments and one-on-one interviews with professionals and his family members, the episode details how Jack Wheeler’s – a man who helped build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial – own 2010 killing remains unsolved to this date. Theft, intrigue, wickedness, and mental disorders are all highlighted in this case, yet, as Steve Volk points out, there are more questions than answers to be found. He is a prominent fixture throughout this episode, so let’s find out more about him, shall we?

Who Is Steve Volk?

Image Credit: Netflix

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Steve Volk is an investigative journalist with about 25 years of experience. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in English, primarily focusing on creative writing and journalism. He then wrote some long features, covering courts, crime, cops, politics, and other human interests for various publications. Steve worked as a staff writer for In Pittsburgh Weekly from 1997 to 2001, before landing a job as an editor and senior writer for Philadelphia Weekly.

He stayed there until 2007, only leaving when he got a position at Philadelphia Magazine. Steve published his first novel ‘Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn’t’ on June 7, 2011 but went back to reporting soon after. While Steve was writing his debut book, he came across Jack Wheeler’s case and got stuck into it. It happened in 2010, and it was all over the news, so Steve just started reading into it. But no matter how much he researched or tried to find answers, he always came to a dead-end, which just dragged him into the case even deeper.

Sadly, there were only theories about what happened to Jack, no proof, and it, unfortunately, remains that way to this day. After all, all the concrete evidence had been carefully removed by the perpetrators. So much so that even with ten different agencies working together, a crime scene could not be discovered. Steve has been covering this case for years, and he won’t let it go until it’s solved, one way or another.

Where Is Steve Volk Now?

Image Credit: Netflix

Steve Volk currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Lisa Stachler Volk, and their twin sons, where he continues his career as a journalist, all the while writing more books in the high style of narrative non-fiction. In fact, in 2017, he published two books, ‘Breathless: How a Broken Jaw Saved My Life’ and ‘Obsessed: The Compulsions and Creations of Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz,’ both of which got great reviews.

Today, Steve works as a freelance writer and investigative reporter at Resolve Philadelphia. We should also mention that he has been a contributing editor for Discover Magazine and a contributing writer for Washington Post. Steve believes that everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, has a story to tell, and his work in journalism entrusts him to share the most intimate details of a person’s lives with the mass media and do it justice.

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