Where Was Homefront Filmed?

August 12, 2020
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‘Homefront’ is an exciting action thriller, which is precisely what you might expect from a film starring Jason Statham. A retired DEA agent goes to a small quiet town, with his daughter. However, she picks a fight in school with a boy whose father is rather entitled. A confrontation with Phil Broker, said DEA agent, does not go well. However, it sets a chain of events in motion which sees gang violence visited on this residential town, where Phil’s wife had grown up. The father-daughter duo is at the center of things, and despite dangers to both their lives, they manage to survive the onslaught.

The story is based on Chuck Logan’s novel, and ‘Homefront’ is originally set in Minnesota. However, in the film, it has been swapped for an unnamed Southern town in Louisiana. So, where has ‘Homefront’ been filmed?

Homefront Filming Locations:

Gary Felder, who helms the movie, is very particular about the choice of locations, and how it affects the film. Speaking to Nola, he said, “For me, the location scouting process becomes a big part of what informs (a project). Rather than looking at what’s in my head, I just sort of look around to see what’s there.” So, what did Felder and his team find?

They discovered waterways, cypress trees, old homes, and boathouses. The place had a derelict, lived-in beauty. Felder described the main antagonist’s house, saying, “…we found this beautiful, beautiful home that had been seriously damaged in Katrina and sat idle for years. It was really overgrown and beaten down. All we really did was sort of shaved down some of the landscaping, some of the greens, and shot the house as it was.”

And what about the protagonist’s house? Phil Broker’s home is at 2141 River Road, Bridge City, Louisiana. Some crucial action sequences have been filmed at Magnolia Plantation at Nine Mile Point, where Felder maintains, the landscape dictates the action. In the story, the bad guys drive to Broker’s place, but in the film, the director makes use of the bayou to show them arriving on boats. You can check out a post informing others about filming taking place around Bridge City Avenue.

Among other notable locations is the service station at 195 SW Railroad Ave, Ponchatoula. It is where some thugs try to intimidate the retired DEA agent, much to their chagrin. Phil’s daughter goes to the Rayville Park Elementary school at 402 Huey P Long Ave, Gretna, which is seen in the exterior shots. The Fuel Dock, 19458 Mary Reno Ln, Akers also plays a vital role, while the final bridge standoff is filmed at 398 Main St, Lockport. Here’s a post from a cast-member confirming that the film’s been shot in Louisiana.

Some parts have also been filmed around New Orleans, Gretna, and Lafourche Parish. Although Felder’s shown much of the south, he’s been careful to do it authentically. As a result, we have characters, not caricatures in the film – making ‘Homefront’ the thrilling watch that it is.

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