15 Worst Bollywood Blockbusters

Ask any filmmaker in the world and they will tell you that there is no secret recipe to making a guaranteed blockbuster which is why whenever a formula or a film clicks they make sure that they reap all the benefits by making number of sequels, remakes or spin offs. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood sequels are the norms of the day as they ensure funding, sponsors and a wide release of a film. Every blockbuster movie need not necessarily be a soul satisfying one but at least they ought to be entertaining after all so many people went to see it, right? In the list below we take a look into such films that became huge blockbusters (i.e. earned more than 100 crores at the box office) upon its release despite being bad and made you wonder why so many people went o see them in the first place. Here is the list of 15 worst Bollywood movies that crossed 100 crores at the box office.


15. Rowdy Rathore

This South inspired Prabhu Deva directorial venture is perfect cringe-worthy cinema. It has crass dialogues, tasteless songs and below par performances. To be very frank this is the kind of cinema that gives Bollywood a bad name and nullifies the efforts of the few filmmakers who are trying to make films that are out of the box. ‘Rowdy Rathode’ presents to us a world where the leading lady (Sonakshi Sinha) is constantly referred to as ‘maal’ and where you can identify a villain with his get up (unruly beards and long hairs). The leading man (Akshay Kumar) is conveniently moralistic i.e. when he is not drinking and ogling at women he beats up goons; in other words it was a staple Akshay Kumar role. However all those shortcomings didn’t matter to the Indian audiences as the film grossed 206 crore worldwide. When Kumar danced on ‘Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita’ the whole theatre burst into dancing and everything else didn’t matter at all. Easily one of the worst Bollywood blockbusters.


14. Happy New Year

Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ is a tutorial in putting together a recipe for an epic cinematic disaster. A faded Shah Rukh Khan (with his six pack intact, of course) and an overzealous Abhishek Bachchan along with an annoying Boman Irani and a pretty dancer played by Deepika Padukone go on a heist mission under the pretext of participating in a dance competition. On paper it might have sounded good but the execution is pure amateurish and the final product is utter rubbish, the only saving grace being Ms. Padukone, the current numero uno actress of Bollywood. Add to it some jingoistic patriotism (remember the Indiawale song?) and some cultural appropriation (Parsi jokes) and boom we have a film that grossed about 345 crore worldwide. This is a film that people in general criticized heavily but also bought tickets to watch it on the big screen. As to why, that’s a discussion for another day.


13. Rustom

Post the release of the film there was a joke going around on social media that the Bhojpuri version of the film would be called ‘Pati Fauj Main, Bhauji Mauj Main’ which made sense at the time as the film clearly lacked quality. Based on the scandalous real life incident of the K.M. Nanavati case the film had ample scopes to carve out something original from a local story but director Tinu Suresh Desai was more focused on presenting the male lead Akshay Kumar as a man of morals and thus reducing him to a caricature of a chauvinistic Indian man who is always right. Akshay in isolation is commendable but everything around him be it the wrong costumes, supporting actors lacking in talent or the overall pseudo-serious tone of the film made his job extremely difficult and the film never rises from its cesspool of mediocrity.


12. Housefull 3

It has been a constant downhill journey for Sajid Khan’s ‘Housefull’ series since the first installment released in 2010. The first one tried hard to be a slapstick comedy, the second one loses the plot in a big manner and the third (hopefully the last one) installment was downright racist, sexist, insensitive and a farce in the name of comedy. Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh have been a constant member of this lowbrow comedy franchise and even they seem to sleepwalk through their roles as there is hardly any challenging in their respective roles, the kind of which they have played over a dozen times in different films. As if it’s not enough that the films are dumb, director Sajid Khan always makes sure that his leading ladies are the dumbest. Right from Jacqueline Fernandez to Zarine Khan to Nargis Fakhri, the who’s who of talentless actresses in Bollywood has had the honour of being a part of the ‘Housefull’ series.


11. Son of Sardaar

In the big Diwali box office battle of 2012 the Ajay Devgan starrer and produced ‘Son of Sardaar’ battled it out against Yash Chopra’s ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and managed to hold its own ground. Unfortunately that’s the only good thing one can say about the film. ‘Son of Sardaar’ is so basic, predictable and illogical that if it made you laugh then you should seriously reconsider your sense of humour. Apart from being clichéd the films is also emotionally manipulative and let’s just say it for once and all that it is painful to see Ajay Devgan trying to do comedy. He is a fine actor but comedy is evidently not his forte. Director Ashwini Dhir makes no effort to spice up the narrative with an unforeseen twist or a pinch of freshness. It is a boring, overdone and an utterly forgettable piece of cinema.

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