Akatsuki no Yona Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) is a Japanese manga series. The first season had 24 episodes and was aired by the creator and producer, Pierrot Co. Ltd. on 7th October 2014. As the19th, 21st and 22nd editions of the manga released, 3 OVAs were packaged with them respectively for each, that released on September 18, 2015, August 19, 2016, and December 20, 2016. Yona of the Dawn is highly anticipated for its next season.

Yona of the Dawn Plot:

Set in a fictional world, the story is about a princess named Yona who is the sole princess of the Kingdom of Kouka. She lives a peaceful life as a princess in the Hiryuu Castle; she is always protected by her bodyguard cum childhood friend called Son Hak. She wants to marry Son-Won but her father opposes her idea.  During her 16th birthday, she makes a decision to tell her father that she cannot forget Son-Won and how truly she loves him. She enters Kings II’s chambers and witnesses her father being killed by none other than Son-Won. She also realizes that Son-Won always wanted to rule the Kouka Kingdom. Son-Won emerges as a Villain and is said to have just one intention and that is to rule Kouka alone. This is the reason why Son-Won tries to impress Yona and he is successful in doing so. By killing King II, he is now the king of Kouka Kingdom.

Hak interferes and saves Yona. They escape from the kingdom and travel to the Village of Wind which is Hak’s birthplace. They take suggestions from Hak’s grandfather Son Mundok. Son-Won sends his allies to search for them outside the kingdom. After hearing the legendary story of the first king Hiryuu, Kouka and the Four Warrior Dragons who formed the kingdom, they begin their journey to find the descendants of the legendary Four Dragon Warriors. These descendants of the brave Four dragon warriors was the only hope left for Yona and Hak to reconcile the kingdom Kouka and save it from the misery of Son-won. The descendants can only save their Kingdom Kouka. In this journey, she overcomes her love for Son-Won and returns as a strong individual. They start recruiting warriors in order to take back their kingdom. She also learns to shoot with Hak’s guidance.

In season 2, Yona changes from a naive person to a powerful woman who is ready to take back her kingdom. She becomes more courageous after each journey. Hak falls for Yona despite being his bodyguard. This season also reveals some dark past of the King II. Son-Won could be right about King II. Zeno’s backstory is introduced too in this season. Hak protects Yona and on the other hand, Son-Won sends his army to kill her. She is all set to return to the Kouka Kingdom and to avenge the King’s murder and reclaim her position as the only princess of the Kouka Kingdom.

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Yona of the Dawn Characters:

Yona: She is the sole princess of Kouka Kingdom. She lost her mother when she was a kid so she grew up in the castle with Son Hak and Son-Won. She is naive, spoiled and always dependent on others. Although after witnessing the betrayal by son-won, she becomes determined to take vengeance not just for breaking her heart but for killing her father and the kind of Kouk Kingdom. She later becomes an independent and strong woman who can fight for herself. She learns to shoot from her childhood friends Hak. She is the reincarnation of Hiryuu, who was the first king of Kouka, who had red hair. Since she was the royal blood of Hiryuu, it was believed that the descendants of Four legendary dragons would immediately react and recognize her the moment they see her. Yona was hopeful to get some help from the Four legendary dragons and that’s why she wandered across the country to learn about the world outside and also to polish her skills as an emerging warrior. She later develops feelings for Hak.  She dreams for reclaiming her kingdom and setting Hak free of his responsibilities as her bodyguard so that Hak can live the life according to his own terms.

Son Hak: He is the bodyguard as well as childhood best friend of Yona. He is also referred to as the “Lightning Beast” due to his fighting skills. He was orphaned and was later adopted by Son Mundok the previous general of the wind tribe. He was a very good friend of Soo-won and knew him very well. Hak is shown to have love feelings for Yona since childhood but when he came to know that Yona and Soo-won liked each other, he took a step back let them unite for their happy future. He also promised Soo-won to be his right-hand man when Soo-won and Yona will get married in future. Hak was the most hurt when he discovered that Soo-won has killed King II, he was way more shocked that Yona and started to hate Soo-Won.  Some people suspected him to be the murderer of King II because he disappeared right after the assassination of the king and people speculated that he has kidnapped their Princess Yona as well. He is sarcastic and teases Yona all the time. He has deep feelings for Yona since childhood. Son Hak was very protective of Yona and he wanted to make sure she is safe at any cost. He had been overlooking his own safety to ensure Yona was alright. He suppressed his own feelings for Yona when he discovered Yona loved Soo-Won.

Soo-Won: He is the first cousin of Yona and her first love. He has golden hair with great looks. Before killing Yona’s father, he was Hak’s best friend. Behind his carefree and clumsy nature is true intelligence. He wants to take over the throne so he conspires with Fire Tribe to kill King II. After killing Yona’s father, he becomes the next king. When he was around people, he gave the impression of being really awkward and ordinary while hiding his real intelligence and sharp mind.

Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release Date:

Yona of the Dawn is one of the most awaited series. The makers of this series have not announced whether there will be a season 2. Fans are eagerly waiting for the second season but Pierrot studio has not made a comment about it and hence a tentative air date remains unknown. The series has potential though and should be revived for a new season. In any case, and whatever the fate of the series, we will be updating this section with relevant deatils, so do keep an eye out on us!

Yona of the Dawn English Dubbing:

Being the popular anime that it is, Yona of the Dawn was licensed for English dubbing soon after its release, much to the delight of the fans. You can stream and watch all the episodes of Yona of the Dawn dubbed and subbed in English on Funimation. You will find that the English dubbing is well done.

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